All of us want good relationships. We want to feel connected to others. People long for “real” relationships - and I believe especially so since they can be so rare. There is one relationship however, that is more needed than all others. In fact, we were created for it. We are never really complete until that relationship is a reality in our lives. Having or not having that relationship determines not only our quality of life while we’re on earth, but also determines our eternity. That relationship is of course, our relationship with God. God created us in His image so we could relate to Him, enjoy Him, and please Him. Something terrible happened however, and disrupted that relationship, and that was sin. Sin is a violation of the right standards of God, and the Bible frankly states all of us have sinned. Since then, sin has dwelt in the life of every person on earth, and so we are born separated from God. We are not on good terms with Him. In fact, because of sin, we are born already lacking that all-important relationship with God. We are also, because of sin, born lacking any hope for eternity. Our condition is very hopeless. Thankfully, God is a very compassionate God. In fact, He chose to show His compassion toward us while we had no interest in Him, while we were helpless to make ourselves acceptable to God. God did this by sending His Son, Jesus into our broken world. Jesus lived as God in human flesh, and lived a perfect life. Jesus then laid down His life in order to save us by dying on a cross. His death on the cross paid the penalty for our sin, it was the price God had to pay so that He could accept us again. Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday after His death on a Friday. It proved that He has the power to rescue us for all eternity. Because of what Jesus did, everything has been done to bring you back into a real and vital connection (relationship) with God. It was all done by Jesus as He gave His life for us and rose from the dead. We can’t make it happen on our own. However, there is a particular way that we have to respond to God in order to benefit from what Jesus has done for us. We’re told in Romans 10:9 that we must surrender our lives to Him as our Lord, our master. That means we turn from our own way of living and let God order our actions, thoughts, and words by His Word, the Bible. Second, we cease to trust in anything (including our own performance) to make ourselves pleasing to God, and instead trust completely in what Jesus did for us on the cross. We believe Him to forgive our sin because He paid our sin’s penalty on the cross. By trusting in Jesus for eternal life, we make the one connection that we need the most, our connection with God. Life is not complete without this connection.

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