Welcome Home

We want to welcome you to East Commerce Baptist Church! We want to invite your family to worship with us. As you do, we want you to experience a caring family, a circle of friends. We want to minister to you and create an environment where we can encounter God in a real and life-changing way. Here at East Commerce, we seek to worship God. Nothing compares with the joy of a Christian family coming together for times of worship. We want to experience the presence and power of God in our lives as we worship Him. We also seek to love others. We want to care for and minister to our people. As we do this, we also want to build meaningful relationships with others. The best environment for these things to happen is in our Bible study classes on Sunday mornings. We hope you’ll join us as we host them for all ages. Third, we also want to serve God. God has equipped every Christian with abilities and spiritual gifts. God expects us to use these faithfully in His service through the agency of the local church. We believe every member has something valuable to share! Lastly, we also seek to invite others. We desire that each member reach out to a needy world in the name of Jesus to invite people to Sunday School, to our worship services, and to Jesus Himself! We hope you’ll join with us here at East Commerce in saying “welcome home!”